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What Does a Full Kitchen Remodel Look Like?

A few terms in the residential construction industry may seem a bit ambiguous, that is because they are, at least to a certain extent. One of those words is “full kitchen remodel,” and you want to fully understand the term if you are looking to remodel your St. Charles, IL kitchen. Here is what a FULL kitchen remodel will look like. 

A Full Kitchen Remodel Is Not a Facelift

The biggest difference between a full kitchen remodel and a partial one is that it involves a significant overhaul of the space. It isn’t refacing cabinets, installing a new appliance, or slapping up some new paint. It requires a complete renovation of major aspects of your current kitchen. Examples of a full kitchen remodel include things like: 

  • Redesigning the floor plan
  • Knocking down walls to create more space
  • Updating plumbing and electrical
  • Cabinetry replacement
  • Flooring updates

It isn’t a full kitchen remodel if you are just replacing floors and repainting. In order to be considered a full kitchen remodel, it has to be a total overhaul. In some cases, this means taking the kitchen down to its studs.

How Does A Full Kitchen Remodel Cost?

You can expect to spend $50,000 or more on a full kitchen remodel in your St. Charles, IL home. The costs of a luxury full kitchen remodel will greatly exceed that. 

Many people renovate their kitchens to improve their appeal to potential buyers, and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms are excellent selling features. However, a homeowner will rarely recoup the cost of a full kitchen remodel. The best estimate is that the return on investment will be about 70% of the cost, so make sure it is something that you and your family will enjoy in the meantime.

Why Get a Full Kitchen Remodel?

St. Charles, IL has many older homes, and homes that are over 30 years old may have popcorn ceilings that are a turn-off to today’s buyers. Older homes will also have old electrical and plumbing and won’t be up to code. Depending on the age your home may also have plaster walls.

Not only will improvements to these areas of your home improve the aesthetics, but they will also improve functionality and allow for more sustainable materials to be used in your home. Other reasons to consider a full kitchen remodel include: 

  • Inefficient design/layout
  • The desire for an open concept
  • A desire for a modern kitchen
  • Lifestyle wants and needs (i.e. smart features, special needs, etc.)

A Full Kitchen Remodel Looks Like an Entirely New Kitchen

If you are considering a kitchen remodel in St. Charles, IL, and you want an entirely new kitchen, then you want a full kitchen remodel. What that looks like will depend on you and the designer, and it will require an experienced contractor to make any structural changes. It is arguably the most exciting type of kitchen remodel because there are limitless options for you St. Charles, IL, home. 

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