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About Us

The Whelan Story:

Whelan Builders was founded in 1996 by husband and wife team Mike and Ellie Whelan. Mike was drawn to construction at an early age, and began working as a carpenter in high school. In the early 1990’s, he started his own company specializing in Victorian home renovations. Mike and Ellie moved to Illinois, where Mike grew the business and Ellie worked for a large, local developer. As Whelan Builders grew, Ellie became an integral part of the business. Today, Ellie wears many hats as a key member of the Whelan team, but Mike wears the tool belt.

Together, Mike and Elle founded this company on the key principals of quality workmanship, value and respect. These values are not only the foundation of their business, but are evident in all of their work and customer interactions.

The Whelan Experience:

All new projects start with Ellie, who outlines your wants, needs, budget and vision, and expertly guides you through the design and decision-making process. She brings decades of experience and insight, so you know you are in capable hands before a hammer even hits a nail. Ellie will continue to work with you and keep you informed, even once Mike and his team start construction.

Whelan Values:
At Whelan Builders, we love what we do and it shows. Our clients enjoy having our team around because we bring a positive and fun attitude to work every day, no matter where that work happens to be.

Quality Workmanship: Mike is a highly skilled craftsman who understands the importance of focusing on intricate details. He honed that skill while working on Victorian home remodeling, and he and his team bring that same attention to detail to every project at Whelan Builders. There is no limit to what our team can do.

Value: At Whelan Builders, we understand that you want and need to get the most for your money, which is why we strive to provide an exceptional product at the best value. We negotiate the best prices on the best products. When you receive a quote, you can be sure that our goal is to complete the project within your budget.

Respect: We believe in showing respect to everyone we work with, including our clients, vendors, subcontractors and each other. This is evident in the solid, long-term relationships we have with others in our industry. We also respect your home and space, which is why we reserve time at the end of every day for a through clean up.

Why Whelan:

We have an extensive portfolio, with experience in all areas of new construction and remodeling, including customs kitchens, bathrooms, and additions. Whelan Builders is leading the way in designing and building spaces for Aging in Place as well as High-End Horse Barns in the Fox Valley area.

We are often asked, “What’s your favorite project?” Our answer, “The next one!”

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