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What are the most popular cabinets for my full kitchen remodel?

What are the most popular cabinets for my full kitchen remodel?

Selecting the right cabinets for your full kitchen remodel is an important selection because cabinetry will last. Planning a full kitchen remodel is wonderful because you finally get to replace ugly or outdated cabinets and choose what you like, but you have a big decision to make!

Most Popular Cabinets for Your Full Kitchen Remodel


The “European” cabinet style is often called flat-front, frameless, or slab style. These cabinets are modern and designed to be as close to seamless as possible. Their full overlay construction is minimalistic and sleek. The material used for European-style cabinetry varies, and the color options can range from high-gloss solids to full-grain, natural appearances. 


Shaker style is taken from the craftsmanship of the Shaker communities in the U.S., known for their simplistic but high-quality designs. Shaker-style cabinetry has a broader frame surrounding a recessed panel. They are typically neutral colors and fit nearly any style of home. The shaker style is popular, but it is also a timeless classic. 

Integrated Appliance Cabinetry

In many modern kitchens, you can barely tell where the appliances are located because they are integrated with the cabinets. This is often seen with refrigerators, but cabinetry can hide ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and practically any other appliance you want to cover. Integrating appliances may not seem necessary, but it is very nice aesthetically, considering that the kitchen often serves a dual purpose as the central hub of the home. Integrated cabinetry can be installed in many styles. 

Glass-front cabinets

Currently, a popular trend in kitchen remodels, glass-front cabinets are particularly known for making spaces feel more extensive and more open. These cabinets allow you to display fine dishes and glassware, which not only adds a personal touch but also encourages neatness and organization. You can customize them with various types of glass, such as clear, frosted, or textured, to complement your home’s decor. In addition, glass-front cabinets enhance natural light in your kitchen, creating a brighter, more inviting environment. For anyone considering a kitchen remodel in St. Charles, IL, incorporating glass-front cabinets is a great option that combines elegance with practical benefits.

Color Block

One type of cabinetry that is trending is the color-block style. The definition of color-block style varies. It breaks the mold of other styles that impose a code of monochromatic limitation. Not everything has to be the same color. Color-block style may mean light upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets. It may incorporate wood cabinets with acrylic. The point is that there is variety. This adds visual interest and a flair for individual style without being too eccentric. 


Lastly, natural wood cabinetry is very popular and has maintained its popularity. Light-colored woods have often been attributed to a Californian style, but many styles would be exceptions to this notion. Adding natural cabinetry to your kitchen can have a warming, cozy effect that doesn’t detract from the modernity of the room. 

Choose Custom Cabinetry to Fit Your Kitchen Remodel Design

When choosing custom cabinetry for your full kitchen remodel, make sure you are looking at all the options available for your St. Charles, IL home. The styles and color options are endless, and you will surely find one that perfectly fits your wants and needs. 

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